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1 User Name: - An unique username to login into the system (between 4 and 30 characters long). You have to remember it or write it down and put in a secure place.

2 User kind: - Select what kind of user you are.

3 Contact name: - This is the name we will use to contact you, to greet you and as reference in our correspondence. It is up to you what name we will refer to.

4 E-mail address: - A valid e-mail address. We will use this address to send you notifications on important events, like order acceptance confirmation, registration information, "Forgot your password?" assistance. Because of the significance of the information that might be sent to you, we advise this e-mail address to be of trustworthy and secure source, and that only authorized by you, or your organization persons, have access to it.

5 Contact language: - This is the language which the administrator will use to contact you.

6 Password: - A secret word to verify your account (between 4 and 30 characters long). Remember your password! DO NOT write it down and leave it insecure. If you, for some reason, forget your password we will be more than happy to assist you in replacing it, in just few easy steps, with a new one.

7 Re-enter password: - Because of the fact that while entering your password you will see only asterisks [*], you have to re-enter the same password twice, thus avoid typing mistakes.

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