Administrative services

  • Entry in the Trade Register of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Preparation of invitations for foreign business partners;
  • Certification of Certificates of Origin;
  • Certification of invoices and signatures on documents;
  • Registration of company prefix (for barcode coding);
  • Translation and legalization of documents.

Information and consultations

  • Providing economic information, databases;
  • Database of enterprises and entrepreneurs, company balance sheets;
  • Information on foreign trade, consultations on all issues of foreign trade transactions;
  • foreign trade agreements, joint activities with foreign persons;
  • Information on international markets and prices and the regime of regulation in relation to import in various countries;
  • Consultations on customs, currency, tax issues;
  • Newsletter with offers;
  • Specialized information on issues related to European integration: legal aspects, standards, directives, currency units, euro.

Assistance, training and support to enterprises

  • Organizing participation in international fairs and exhibitions;
  • Organizing business meetings, conferences, seminars;
  • Vocational education and training;
  • Assistance in resolving disputes through the BCCI Arbitration Court;
  • Assistance in finding business partners – preparation of a representative business profile of a company;
  • Assistance in finding sources of funding;
  • Development of business plans, projects;
  • Presentations of companies.
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