Certificates with Data from the Register

Based on the data from the BCCI Trade Register, certificates and references are issued for the status and financial condition of the registered companies, which legitimize them before foreign partners, customs, banks, embassies, state bodies, for participation in tenders, competitions, etc. These documents are issued in Bulgarian or a foreign language, at the request of the respective legal entity.

As a part of the Unified system of CCI in Bulgaria, an application for the issuance of a certificate/references with data from the Trade Register can be submitted to Gabrovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. When the service is performed on the territory of CbCCI, the amount due shall be paid at the cash desk of the Chamber or transferred by wire transfer to the bank account:

IBAN: BG25BUIN80121017566010

Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD – Gabrovo Branch

Application for issuance of a certificate / reference with data from the Trade Register 

Ganka Bakalova
066 80 31 42
e-mail: bakalova@chamber-gabrovo.cоm

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